New German government program for water research

New German government program for water research

On the occasion of this year’s World Water Day on March 22nd, Federal Research Minister Anja Karliczek published the new, interdepartmental program “Water: N – Research and Innovation for Sustainability.” The government program is part of the FONA strategy “Research for Sustainability” and forms the framework concept for funding future water research for the next five years.

Due to global climatic changes and the growing challenges associated with them, such as falling groundwater levels, the conscious use of water as a vital resource is also becoming increasingly important in Germany. To meet these challenges, according to Karliczek, cross-sectoral water research is needed that can provide the necessary knowledge, innovative concepts and new technologies. Important priority topics of Water: N include: clean water, urban water infrastructures, intact ecosystems, resource-efficient water cycles, optimized water management and extreme water events.

The publication of the new government program also marks the launch of the free online “Water Innovation Atlas”, which presents innovative and current products from BMBF-funded water research. These products include processes, technologies, management concepts as well as educational materials and software tools for the sustainable use of water as a resource.

Further information on the new government program “Water: N – Research and Innovation for Sustainability” as well as the “Innovation Atlas Water” can be found at the following links (English sides in progress):

Water Research: