Project film and press reports: R-Rhenania in focus

Project film and press reports: R-Rhenania in focus

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Filming of the 5th RePhoR film at the R-Rhenania joint project in Altenstadt, Bavaria, has been completed.

Following the successful filming of the other collaborative projects, the filming continued in Altenstadt, where the R-Rhenania pilot plant will go into operation this summer on the premises of Emter GmbH. Project coordinator Dr Christian Adam from the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), Johann Emter, Managing Director of Emter GmbH, and Christoph Brey, Operations Manager on site, answered our questions in front of the camera. The day of filming was coordinated by BAM project manager Dr Hannes Herzel, and partners Dieter Leimkötter of sePura GmbH and Ludwig Hermann of Proman Consulting also took the opportunity to visit the plant and accompany the filming. The local press also took advantage of the concentrated expertise on site: journalists from the Schongauer Zeitung and the Landsberger Tagesblatt interviewed the consortium on site about the project. The articles are already published:

Such newspaper articles are very important as the topic of phosphorus recycling from sewage sludge is still not well known among the general public and newspaper articles in particular reach many people who are not explicitly involved in the topic. This helps to spread the word.

The article in the Landsberger Tagesblatt is subject to a charge, the article in the Schongauer Zeitung is available free of charge and both articles are only available in german.

We would like to thank the entire team on site for their great and professional cooperation!

As part of the BMBF funding measure RePhoR (Regional Phosphorus Recycling), the TransPhoR transfer project is producing a total of seven short films about the joint projects. The films provide a lively insight into the different approaches of the projects.

More information can be found on the RePhoR homepage at or on the project homepage