Which recycled nutrients for Organic Farming? and why?

Europe has strong Green Deal ambitions to develop organic farming. The current crisis that Europe is facing strongly affects the food agricultural system and food production. It highlights the need for organic farming to optimise use of recycled nutrients, in coherence with organic farming’s principles and its environmental objectives.

Recycled struvite and precipitated phosphates have been added into the list of authorised inputs as fertilisers in EU organic farming, with limitations (January 2023). Other recycled nutrients are already authorised, again with conditions.

This online meeting will discuss which further recycled nutrient products might be appropriate for organic farming, based on practical examples, and under what conditions they might be considered for addition to the EU Organic Farming regulations. The objective would be to then put proposals forward to EGTOP and to the European Commission, and to define what further information might be needed.

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14:00 - 17:00

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European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform (ESPP)
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