The new EU Fertilising Products Regulation (FPR) includes organic and organo-mineral fertilisers, and so opens a Europe-wide market for distribution of these fertilisers and also for production technologies, regulatory, analytical and other services. The FPR also enables use of recycled organic nutrients in CE-marked fertilising products, subject to specific input material and product quality criteria.

Organic carbon input is increasingly recognised as valuable for soil carbon storage, water retention and crop nutrient availability. Synergy of organic, organo-mineral and inorganic fertilisers can offer economic opportunities, supply resilience and product range diversification. Market drivers include fertiliser price and supply challenges, carbon and soil health, and Circular Economy valorisation of agri-food by-products.

SOFIE3 will cover:

  • policy and market
  • agronomic benefits, in particular field trials and case studies
  • processing from divers input materials to consistent products for farmers
  • application best practices, e.g. co-application with mineral fertilisers, biostimulants
  • environment, carbon benefits, LCA, Circular Economy
  • business models and product success stories

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16. - 17.01.2024



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Brussels Plaza | Belgien


ESPP, Eurofema, Fertilizers Europe
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