DPP-Forum 2023

The countdown is on! And not only for the registration for the DPP – FORUM 2023.

There is also the deadline for submitting the reports in which the municipalities must outline how they intend to recover phosphorus from sewage sludge in the future; this deadline expires at the end of the year. However, many municipalities do not yet have a concept for future phosphorus recovery – the need for education and advice is therefore enormous.

We will discuss the most important areas of the current situation at the FORUM 2023. Very fundamentally, we want to discuss the basic importance of P-recovery with experts from science, agribusiness and the fertiliser industry.

Municipalities are still looking for the best way to comply with the recycling obligation. Which projects are currently being planned or implemented? Various presentations will shed light on the current situation.

There are also new developments in the legal obligations and the accompanying measures: this is reflected in the evaluation of P-recycling concepts. How are the federal states currently supporting their municipalities? And what is the significance of logistics?

This year, for the first time, the DPP is awarding a sponsorship prize for a thesis on P-recycling, which the prize-winner will present.

We end thematically where every recycling product wants to end up: the market. How can barriers to market entry be overcome? How are products packaged? What needs to be changed in the DüMV and which issues need to be addressed politically? We discuss these issues.

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