Circular Fertilisers for Healthy Soils: Drivers and Challenges

Back in March 2020, the European Commission announced its intention to develop an integrated nutrient management strategy in the Circular Economy Action Plan, “with a view to ensuring more sustainable application of nutrients and stimulating the markets for recovered nutrients”. Later on in 2021, the Communication on Sustainable Carbon Cycles was adopted, promoting green business models which take up sustainable practices, including the recycling of carbon from waste streams. Against this background, the goal of the in-person seminar is to discuss the drivers and barriers (from the technical, economic, social, legislative and environmental point of view) for the uptake of circular fertilisers in the market from producers’ perspective.

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13:30 - 17:00

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Brüssel | Belgien


European Compost Network in collaboration with the Italian Composting and Biogas Consortium (CIC)
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