Berlin Sewage Sludge Conference

With the entry into force of the Ordinance on the Reorganisation of Sewage Sludge Utilisation on 3 October 2017, far-reaching changes will be required in the processing and treatment of sewage sludge. On the one hand, the ordinance significantly restricts conventional reuse in agriculture. On the other hand, it takes into account the federal government’s goal of a more extensive recycling economy. Logically, the focus is on the phosphorus contained in the sludge, which has been classified as a critical raw material by the European Commission since 2014.

Against the background of an extremely heterogeneous sector in terms of specifications (size, expansion stages) and environment (urban, rural, local recycling possibilities) of wastewater treatment plants, the question of sensible technical solutions and economically suitable concepts arises for many operators. Various process approaches for phosphorus recovery directly from sewage sludge or indirectly from thermal treatment residues are at different stages of development.

Against this background, TK Verlag, together with lawyer Stefan Kopp-Assenmacher and Professor Peter Quicker, has been organising the BKK since 2018. Since then, the various players in the industry have met annually to exchange experiences from the different phases and areas of implementation and to network for joint projects.

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13. - 14.11.2023



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Mercure Hotel MOA | Berlin


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