9th Congress Phosphorus – A critical resource with a future

Phosphorus recovery is vital to ensure our security of supply and to reduce the European Union’s dependence on imports. Are we on the right track in Germany to ensure phosphorus recovery by 2029? What is missing to implement the production and recycling of phosphorus recyclates? What technologies are available on the market and what infrastructure is needed for implementation?

These and other questions will be discussed and developments in the field of sewage sludge disposal and phosphorus recovery will be presented at the 9th Congress PHOSPHOR – A CRITICAL RAW MATERIAL WITH A FUTURE on 22 and 23 November in Stuttgart. Under the patronage of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of the Environment, the DWA Regional Association is organising the 9th Phosphorus Congress with its P-RÜCK Baden-Württemberg platform in order to provide municipalities, authorities, engineering offices, research institutes and industry with the best possible support in meeting the challenges of the future.

The lecture programme will begin in the early afternoon with an introductory talk by moderator Ingolf Baur with the State Secretary of the Ministry for the Environment, Climate and Energy, Dr. Andre Baumann MdL. Afterwards, the audience can look forward to the keynote speeches by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Rommel from bifa Umweltinstitut and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johannes Pinnekamp from FiW e. V. in Aachen: They will discuss how we use our resources and the importance of phosphorus in urban water management. After the panel discussion, the technical programme of the conference will begin with an overview of current activities and processes for phosphorus recovery.

The second day of the event will start with strategies and concepts for sewage sludge reuse and phosphorus recovery from a national and regional perspective. In the “(Federal) State Special”, developments in other federal states will be presented in addition to the plans of our Swiss neighbours, with the aim of identifying transferable solutions for the process in Baden-Württemberg through this joint exchange. In the afternoon, the technical programme will deal with the marketing potential of phosphorus-containing secondary raw materials and the procedure of a sustainability assessment of phosphorus recyclates. The final session on sustainable sewage sludge treatment and utilisation will present the optimisation of environmental protection in sewage sludge treatment at the WWTP and in thermal sewage sludge treatment, as well as the current status of incineration capacities in Baden-Württemberg.

An accompanying exhibition will complete the congress programme.

The 9th Phosphorus Congress will once again provide the right forum for experts to exchange information and establish contacts. Do not miss this opportunity!

Registration: https://prueck-bw.de/anmeldung/

More information: https://prueck-bw.de/programm/


22. - 23.11.2023



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Stuttgart | Germany


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