Cross-Cutting Topic 1

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Cross-Cutting Topic 1: Products, markets and legal aspects

Objective of the Cross-Cutting Topic

  • Depending on the planned and/or existing processes, the required qualities of the various products are to be addressed and criteria need to be defined, if these are not already regulated via the corresponding national and european regulations.
  • Closer consideration of the product origin and the input qualities of the reactants as well as the entire product cycle (sewage sludge quality).
  • In addition to establishing evaluation criteria for certification options for recyclates in organic farming, problematic impurities (such as heavy metals, etc.) should also be identified for (bio)agricultural use.
  • Pricing and quality criteria for corresponding industrial raw materials are to be considered and to what extent and with what effort recycling processes can meet these criteria in the foreseeable future.
  • Identification of overarching legal issues from the collaborative projects on topics such as the licensing of products, the distinction between european and german law, organizational and legal forms in inter-municipal cooperation and other questions.
  • Development of a proposal for a workflow for the approval of plants and P recyclates, taking into account the various jurisdictions.

Work Progress

With regard to the point “Products and markets”, two different utilization paths and product lines are to be distinguished and considered:

  • The agricultural and, if possible, regional utilization as fertilizer. Currently, phosphorus-containing fertilizers account for over 80% of the total P consumption in Germany. Standardizable tests to determine bioavailability are being developed and used to evaluate products.
  • Industrial utilization for example in metallurgy and surface treatment, medical technology, food industry as well as animal feed production and more. Overall, less than 20% of the total P consumption is used here, for industrial applications slightly more than 10%, while food and feed industries together consume less than 10%.

Under “Legal Aspects”, the following topics have been addressed so far in the legal workshops led by Prof. Pinnekamp and TransPhoR.

  • Terminology and classifications of waste and (by-)products
  • Implementation of the sewage sludge ordinance at the state level
  • Organizational and legal forms, eligibility for fees for P-recycling, legal requirements for the implementation of a plant as well as challenges in licensing procedures
  • Legal requirements for P recyclates on german and european level


  • Aufbereitung von gewonnenen Ergebnissen aus den Rechtsworkshops
  • Erstellung eines Katalogs zu häufigen Rechtsfragen zum Thema Phosphor-Recycling
  • Einbindung von Projekten und Experten außerhalb der Fördermaßnahme in die Aktivitäten/Veranstaltung des Querschnittthemas

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